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H. Cotterill Nov 06,2018

What an amazing weekend!

The first job came as normal on the Friday for the word ZAP. We met Phillip from Zap Image at the Plough Inn at Eaton and it's always great getting on well with a supplier and seeing them from time...

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H. Cotterill Oct 23,2018

Last weekend we visited the beautiful Wrenbury Hall and dropped off a letter M! We were thinking this was a strange request but later found out the reason. It was in fact for Mandy’s dad’s birthday, and his nickname...

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H. Cotterill Oct 15,2018

Where has the last weekend gone already? ....

Wow! What a couple of weekends we have just had, with some new venues under our belt. We have also managed to squeeze in two shows on each of the Sundays that were miles apart! I know what your...

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H. Cotterill Oct 04,2018

After a busy summer of weddings, christenings and parties how are we already in October?!?

October brings us more selfie mirrors, and plenty of shows. We love meeting all our Bride and ...

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Jan 31,2018

After customers kept asking we decided now is the time to get the Selfie Mirror.

A Magic Selfie Mirror

  • Manned for 4 hours at your event
  • A table of many assorted props for your...

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Sep 28,2017

Since the start of September it has been Wedding Show after Wedding Show. It's a great way to meet the future Brides and Grooms. But the next problem is which ones to do?

Well....we have opted to keep it local to us. It means we keep good ...

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P. Millen Aug 19,2017

I'm sure this is how most people start their Blogging lives. But in truth i'm scared of doing this and knowing what direction to take.

Soooo...for now let's just write and see what happens over time. I have had websites for years but in re...

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