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We have a nice mix of props to hire especially for weddings and this collection just keeps growing with the more Weddings we do. Whether it be in the style of elegant, vintage or barn weddings we have something for everyone. We have lots of ideas to give the added extra to any party or event.

Naturally the more items you hire the more we can discount, so you can have a bit of everything! We are responsible for all transportation and this is included in the prices given as is any of the decoration.

A Magic Selfie Mirror

  • Manned for 4 hours at your event
  • A table of many assorted props for your guests to enjoy
  • Photos printed within 10 seconds
  • Choice of one full length portrait on 6x4 photo or multiple portraits on one print
  • Unlimited prints
  • Red carpet, Guide Ropes and Frame supplied
  • Full size mirror
  • Touch screen for guests to add pictures or sign photos
  • Offer a USB of the photos taken on the night as a keepsake for the hosts 

The Magic Mirror, Photo Mirror or The Selfie Mirror ... whatever you may call it, it's the biggest thing to hit Corporate Events and Weddings in recent years. It takes high quality photographs using a DSLR camera and prints them in under 10 seconds. This allows guests to enjoy the product without having to waste time. Pictures can be shared on Facebook and via emails if you wish. Simply stand in front of the mirror and touch the integrated touch screen to take full length photos.

The Magic Selfie Mirror is capable of printing 1 picture of 6x4" or 3 smaller ones on a 6x4". Using the on screen paint pad, guests can scribble a custom message or use an emoji to personalise their photos. Great fun can be had while the mirror even talks to you and even offers opinions on your pictures, but all in good humour. This can also be controlled to suit guests, like if it needs to be children friendly.

With an extensive prop collection to choose from, guest can have lots of fun before even getting to the mirror, but it's a fantastic memory for your guests to keep. The mirror is manned so guests keep moving and you have no worries of any technical difficulties etc. The mirror is normally an item hired for the evening. We are flexible but normally it 7.30pm - 11pm. By then everyone will have all the pictures they need.

A mirror needs to be decorated though. Our Mirror has a frame and guide ropes leading upto the mirror in red or white to suit the decor of the room. Props can be altered to suit your needs if you have a definate theme.



A Neon Backdrop


Our exciting new range of the Neon backdrop on a choice of a copper frame made from 25mm Copper piping in diameter, or our green topiary wall frame. Both would include a floral display to compliment your wedding decorations. The backdrops create great photo opportunites and talking points, giving your event a real modern edge. It can be done in a vintage style, through to an urban style right through to complete in your face feature. 

Our beautiful Always and Forever X neon sign is only available on one of our frames. It shows off a  white Neon Flex writing with a pink kiss and has a clear perspex back. Our backdrops can be decorated with our faux floral foliage or be professionally done by a florist. Either one we use regularly or your own. We also know a good balloon company if you are wanting an arch for it as in the picture.

The Green Topiary Frame is adjustable from 6-9 foot high and 6-10 foot accross.


Post Box

This is a great way for your guests to post your congratulation cards and even any money gifts for safe-keeping. You will be given a key so only you have access to the post box. Small parcels can even be stored at the back.

We have a wooden post box which is slightly cheaper at the price of £35 to hire and a metal Victorian style one at the price of £40. Both types are white and the price includes us decorating them to suit your wedding decorations. We even personalise the post box with your event details where the times would be usually. Many couples also choose our Wishing Well.
Post Box Prop


A vintage look that we decorate beautifully to suit your wedding. This idea can be used in number of ways. It is a great way to either collect your guest’s cards often placed under a sweet cart or at the entrance when guests come in. Another great use is choosing from our large collection of sweets and sweet jars and creating a sweet buffet in them.

We often hire these in 2's. We have a good collection of suitcases which is forever growing, to choose from and hire. Within the price we include decoration and bunting. We like to line all our cases so we know they are clean but if you want them kept as the day they were made we have them too.

To hire just the cases is £25 while hiring with sweets prices start at £45 depending on how many guests you have. 
Suitcases Prop

Wishing Well

The more traditional way for your guests to post your cards and money gifts for safe-keeping. Wedding couples normally place this next to the entrance or on the head table. Naturally we would decorate this bespoke to your wedding. The Wishing Well like the Post Boxes come with a key to keep your cards and gifts safe.

£40 to hire
Wishing Well Prop

Bird Cages

We have a huge collection of the birdcages and carry a number of varying sizes in height to suit the purpose it is needed for. They are used more for the Wedding parties we do. However they can be used in a variety of ways. Some use them as table centrepieces, while others scatter them around the function room. A lot of couples just choose to have one next to the Sweet Cart as decoration.

£15 to hire a single decorated Bird Cage (Discounts given with the more that are hired)

 Bird Cages Prop

Apple Crates

We have 100's of Apple Crates that can be used in many different ways. We have many different types such as rustic, dark brown varnshed, white and vintage white. They are good for building up a stage to display the LED Letters or even just setting the scene around the venue. When hired out with the Letters we naturally supply these for free.

Bouncy Castle - The Disco Cube

We were never just going to have an every day boring Bouncy Castle to hire. We like to be different and offer customers ideas they may not have even thought of. We are happy with this as it is something that was designed by us. It has proved popular for all kinds of parties naturally, especially Children's Birthdays. We were quite clever in the fact to make it mainly Silver in colour though. Firstly it's neutral so suits Boys or Girls and secondly it can be used for Weddings. Being Silver it doesn't make such an obvious statement with the bright coulors often associated with Bouncy Castles. It blends into the function and though offering great fun, doesn't look out of place on wedding photos.

The Dico Cube measuring 15ft x 15ft comes with its own Disco Lights and quality sounding speaker which can play songs from an MP Player that we can provide or via your own device via Bluetooth. In a world of Ipads and smart phones, this is now the most popular choice. The lights move to the rythem of the musics bass. We would happily suggest good song choices or even put a playlist together for you.

The Disco Cube can be used inside or outside but only on grass.

All electrics are concealed while the fan to the Bouncy Castle is waterproof so you can dance and bounce in the rain if you wish. You won't be getting wet as naturally the Disco Cube has a roof. A sure way to keep the Children entertained though we know the adults like a sneaky bounce. For Children under the age of 10 it will comfortably allow 8 to jump at once.

The Disco Cube is available for School Fayres or Fetes. Any Charities, please do contact us. We would try to assist any way we could.

 Bouncy Castle - The Disco Cube

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