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What To Do With The Sweets?
P. Millen Apr 30,2020

We are in the sweet business!

I look round and all I can see is sweets, sweets, and more sweets… And it is great fun!

After four weeks of sitting around in isolation we had to think of ways to not only earn money, but also occupy the mind. We also had a problem that we had around 14 sweet carts in April for weddings that have now been postponed. Consequently, we had lots of bags & tubs of fresh sweets that could not just be left because let’s be honest, we have no idea when the next wedding is.Therefore, we needed a plan going forward.

As much as I love the big fancy backdrops, the LED lighting, dance floors and my personal favourite the selfie mirror, we make 20% of our income from sweet carts. We started doing sweet carts at weddings, but soon corporate parties caught on to the idea. We then came up with the kids package for birthday parties whereby you can rent a number in a 4ft LED character and choose the colour of the bulbs if you wish and have a bespoke sweet cart that can also hold the birthday cake. Again, this has become immensely popular because when one child has a party at a primary school, the parents love the idea and want to do it for their own.

I have tried to eat my way through the sweets, but the wife was looking overly concerned and she suggested why don’t we serve the local area in preparing sweet boxes for both kids and adults. At first, I thought it would be a lot of work for little game but as it turns out it has been a great source of cash flow and more importantly, it has kept us occupied.

Luckily because we do sweet carts, we have a good preparation area, we have the aprons, and we have the gloves. It is just second nature to keep your hands clean when preparing sweets.

So, after the getting the boxes which was probably the biggest challenge as hardly anywhere is open that sells them, we then had to fill them with sweets. But what sweets? I didn’t think it was enough just to fill it with Haribo pick’n’mix as much as I know people enjoy them, there had to be a way of satisfying the customer a lot more.

So, trying to get the right sweets, at the right price took me about two days of calculations. I wanted to make sure that the customer didn’t look at the boxes and think I could make that for the same money but at the same time I needed to make profit otherwise what’s the point? After much head scratching, I have managed to achieve this and the sweets are even nicely boxed and delivered to your door. It’s even free of charge if you are within 3 miles of Congleton. The idea has evolved as we have gone on, and now we do personalised messages, as we found people are using the sweet boxes as gifts.

Everyone is a bit low right now or even lethargic, and so a good sugar rush really helps we feel. The isolation, or lockdown is starting to take its toll on many people now.

The first box we designed was the movie box. I had in mind that a couple wanting to treat themselves would order this, or even a family, then sit down with the box of sweets and share them throughout the film. We included a whole host of sweets and even a few cans of fizzy drink. It included varying flavours of Skittles, Dib Dabs‘s & Double Dips, Wham Bars, Strawberry Laces, Popcorn, Chocolate Bars, Haribo pick’n’mix, the old favourites of fruit salads and black jacks and much more. The mix of new, retro and even American sweets has really appealed to customers within the area.

We soon came up with a medium box which was basically a scaled-down version and in truth could probably still be shared but certainly a treat for someone over the course of the week. It was also a good chance to try some of the older sweets that have not been seen for a while.

We then had a small version which works well as just a little treat for children, or even a little birthday gift for a friend’s child. Naturally, we lay of the fizzy drinks on this one as we don’t want the children getting too hyper!

It is not something I thought the company would be doing but it is a way of bringing a little bit of happiness, though I must admit it’s not quite the same as making someone’s special day like a wedding for example but enjoyable all the same.

Delivering the boxes is a bit strange but I guess it’s the way our lives have had to change due to the Coronavirus for the moment during lockdown. We put the box down in front of the door, ring the bell and then walk to the end of the drive. It’s important that our staff have gloves on and a protective mask and give a little wave. It needs to be this way at the moment just to make it a contactless transaction.

The feedback is lovely though and people even send us pictures of them enjoying it haha



We are now taking orders on our yummy Sweet Boxes!!!

๐Ÿ’›Small Box - Perfect for children or anyone after a little sugar fix(inc. 200g of pic’n’mix with a few sugary extras) -5


๐ŸงกMedium Box - Night in for one? Treat yourself! (inc. fizzy drink & 220g of pic’n’mix with additional treats) -8


๐Ÿ’šLarge Box - Perfect for sharing, the movie night box (inc. 2 fizzy drinks & 350g of pic’n’mix with lots of additional treats)-12.50


*Contactless Transaction

*Bank Transfer preferred

*Free delivery up to 3 miles (Congleton)

*Deliveries Friday & Saturday

๐Ÿ’ŒDM to order now!